About Us - Fun Facts about our Team

Venables Pest Management is a family run business with traditional values of honesty, integrity, and service to our customers. Our mission is to protect structures, prevent illness and reduce the nuisance of invading pests by using effective, responsible pest management methods, performed with a desire to create and nurture trustworthy relationships.

AU - Steve

Steve Venables

Steve began working in the pest control industry in 1986. He estimates that he has inspected over 15,000 homes in Thurston County.
AU - Marsha

Marsha Venables

Marsha has played a variety of roles in the business since it first opened. Marsha has a pet turtle named Oliver that is at least 30 years old.
AU - Juliana & Syder

Juliana Venables

Chief Executive Officer
Juliana volunteers with Thurston County 4-H Dog project as a club leader and fair superintendent. Her critters -Grace the Rottweiler or Syder the cat - join her at work most days.
Funny - Alex & Steve


Chief Operations Officer
Alex is a certified yoga teacher, and his favorite Disney character is Rafiki.
AU - Kenedie


Office Manager
Kenedie loves all things Christmas and Disney.
AU - Peter


Service Manager
Peter was a drummer in a band and went on tour.
AU - Sam

Sam B.

Lead Technician/Trainer
Sam has an extra vertebrae.
AU - Sam D

Sam D.

Admin/Customer Support
Sam is our spooky team spirit queen who used to work in a mortuary.
Funny - Cody


Service Technician
Cody likes to play soccer.
AU - Jeff


Structural Pest Inspector
Jeff makes review videos on YouTube for playing board games with one player.
AU - Ximena


Admin/Customer Support
Ximena actually takes your calls all the way from SoCal where she currently lives!
AU - Curtice


Service Technician
Curtice claims that he knows how to juggle, but has yet to show off his skills. He enjoys spending time out in the wilderness with friends and family.
AU - Taylor


Admin/Customer Support
Taylor was a Marine Biology major and had her own salt-water tank with a clownfish named Sharkbait
Funny - Ben


Service Technician
Ben can operate a sewing machine and worked in submarine upholstery before working at Venables.
AU - Brent


Service Technician
Brent is highly skilled in Mounted Archery.
AU - Joe


Service Technician
Joe is our Venables “Plant Dad” who enjoys propagating plants and gifting them to others.
AU - Walter


Service Technician
Walter has a farm with goats and horses.
Grace headshot


Office Mascot
Grace the Rottweiler helps keep everyone on track!